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Hello there! Welcome to my website about a phenomenon that you’ll face every day – the weather. Whether it’s sunny, rainy or even stormy, there’s always something nice you can tell about it.

Imagine the hot and long summer nights where you’re sitting on the beach. Or the Indian Summers and even the autumn days where you’ll take long hikes and relax with a cup of tea afterwards. Every season, and every weather type, has something that can be enjoyed.

Chris at home

My name is Chris and I live in the Netherlands. I have been a weather enthusiast and amateur weather man since I was 9 years old – which was in 2004. Ever since, I’ve learnt about the weather in a multitude of ways:

  • The patterns that trigger certain weather phenomena, in order to explain them.
  • How to read a variety of weather charts in order to make predictions about the weather.
  • How weather can be measured with weather stations and what is important when you want to buy one yourself.

Although I am not a formally trained meteorologist, I hope that you’ll understand that practice through passion makes perfect as well. On my website, I’d love to take you on a tour through meteorology:

  • Why do certain weather phenomena occur?
  • What are storm chasers and what draws them to thunderstorms?
  • What weather station should I buy as a gift (or for yourself)?

And so on. I don’t offer forecasts here – as this website has been created for global scale, that wouldn’t be worthwhile. Even more so, there are many websites out there which can help you with that. But if you love to have a peek behind the weather, please be welcome!

All the best,


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